Los Patojos / Rising Minds

Los Patojos Team / Equipo Los Patojos

Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes was born in 1983, son of Rudy Romero and María Fuentes. Where they that inspired him to love life and love people in the way he now does it. The idea of changing his community trough the people, with love and education was conceived in his mind while he was working in as a teacher. In 2006 he started Los Patojos with a group of teenagers that were receiving lectures about leadership, history and even journalism and music with some of his friends, which became the first volunteers of the program.

After a few months the school for kids in the afternoon started. The house that once watched him growing up now was witnessing the birth of this new idea. A group of 6 kids became a group of 30 and now more that 100 kids are attending to Los Patojos.

His spirit of leadership, lead him to create with the help with his team, a program so complete that has projects on health care, nutritional care, education, youth development as well as economical development.



Linda de Leon

In order to believe and stay within an Educational Program such as Los Patojos, you need to know that behind you there is a group of people who had support you, and given you the opportunity to grow and trust. In my case my parents always have been supporting me in my studies of psychology and in my dream of creating new ideas and projects.

I´m 25 years old, I live on my own, which is not common in a country like Guatemala. I came here and stay to make my dreams come true.

I think psychology has been a useful tool in approaching children and being more empathetic. Despite how difficult and ever-changing that this work may be, to show girls in the program that a woman may serve a meal but can also have many other environments where their personalities unfold (being a leader, working in teams, being creative, etc.). In Los Patojos dreams are fulfilled and ideas are transformed into action. This is why I’m part of the team here. I identify with the children and the educational system, because I realize that there are alternative models of education: less exclusive and more creative.




Diego was born in 1992 and since a year ago, he is the youngest professor in our team. His curiosity and the example of his grandparents and his whole family lead him to be an avid reader since the age of 8.  During 6 years he attended public school and then, for 5 years he attended a private one. After those years of schooling, he found out that best way to learn is to do it by yourself, to be creative and to think critically, and that is what he tries to teach to the kids in his computer classes.

He’s now studying political science at the public university and working with us every afternoon, not just as the computer professor, but as the local director of the program Sponsor a Patojo and as English teacher every Wednesday night.








Rafa Fuentes

I am 25 years old and live in Jocotenango. I have worked with the Fusionados for 2 years, and am a teacher in the primary urban education system in Guatemala. I will soon study at Universidad de San Carlos to further my profession as a teacher and necessary things to teach the children.



Mauricio Alvarez

Born in 1985, I am 25 years old and Guatemalan. I work with the Mollejos group at Los Patojos, who are in third and fourth grade. I also work with students in the audiovisual and mixed media program at the school, which has recently produced their own stop-motion animation film. I work in Los Patojos to help work towards a future of love and happiness.


Yessi Mariel Lopez Arenales

I am 24 years old and am a primary school teacher and a student in my last year of a major in Psychology. I work in the mornings in a secondary school, and in the afternoons with the Estrellitas at Los Patojos. I am Guatemalan and live with my family in Jocotenango, Sacatepequez, Guatemala.



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